PilotfishWhether deploying a simple point-to-point interface or implementing a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), PilotFish has the integration tools, experience, and technical expertise to help shorten timelines, eliminate risk, and achieve success. PilotFish  offer comprehensive support for any format and any insurance standard including ACORD (LAH, PCS, RLC, AML) AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA and NAILBA.

Organizations are able to build, test, deploy, monitor, and maintain sophisticated interfaces between ANYTHING and ANYTHING whether it be systems, applications or databases.

More than 75 carriers, third party providers, and distributors have relied on PilotFish to enable the successful implementation of insurance EDI and XML standards, with 100% successful on-time and on-budget implementations.

The benefits of ACORD standards are enticing: lowered IT costs, improved operational efficiency, streamlined business acquisitions, AND reduced risk. It’s made ACORD XML the recognized standard for integration within the insurance industry. Our experience working with ACORD and member organizations has made us the recognized leader in ACORD standards integration:

PilotFish is the engine behind ACORD’s Testing & Certification Facility (TCF) and Lloyd’s of London’s new Exchange for validating member messages based on ACORD standards.

Before a company can take advantage of XML-standards based communication, it must first bridge the technology gap between the old and the new. PilotFish helps bridge that gap. While standards organizations define industry standards, we, in conjunction with Pilotfish, can provide the tools to help you implement them. Products include:

Graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE), created for the express purpose of developing, testing, deploying, managing, and maintaining interfaces.

Console for ACORD, which includes the ability to import ACORD XSD and ACORD Metadata, pre-built templates for ACORD LAH and P&C transactions, one click upgrades from one release of the ACORD standard to another, as well as many other ACORD specific tools.

XCS Console for DTCC, which provides substantial DTCC specific features including support for both IPS flat file layouts and the ACORD Standard DTCC TXLife Transactions.

EiPlatform (Enterprise Integration Platform) – a complete framework supporting the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole.

Dashboard – An optional application component that offers RESTful-based, real-time operational interface reporting and management.

Portal for Insurance – a Self-service online resource that enables the automated validation and certification of trading partners’ messages to standardize initial and ongoing information exchange.

ACORD Model Viewer – A Free Web-based reference for the ACORD Data Model.