”Digitization enables the market to equip itself to face the future — transforming into a digital insurer calls for an innovative approach”.

Celent defines digital transformation as the strategy consisting of transferring as many manual tasks as possible into digital activities. For most insurance organisations, this will mean an overlap with their existing processes and strategies currently enabled by IT, as well as a wholesale change in their culture and the way they operate.

However, being digital is about more than generating additional internet sales or adding self-service capabilities.  It is about evolving the business model to support end-to-end digital transactions that will drive greater efficiencies , effectiveness, and business growth whilst delivering greater value to their customers.

Technology is a key enabler in the transition to a digital enterprise, and our solutions address the technological capabilities required by the transition to digital through our own and partner assets, enabling our customers to approach digitisation as a journey rather than a radical business transformation. As a result, they can establish which elements have the potential to drive the most value while retaining the strengths gained from years of operating experience.