“Our Effikacy product suite has been developed to provide a portfolio of products specifically designed to meet insurers’ digital transformation needs from improving the quality of their data to interrogating their data to enable predictive modelling”

Offering product solutions to our customers is a relatively new string to our bow at Scyllogis and came about after we developed our proprietary digital accounting and settlement system, now known as core Effikacy. The feedback from customers was extremely positive and it was clear there was an unmet need for more solutions in this vein.

After extensive due diligence, we have continued to develop further key modules for Effikacy and also partnered  with organisations offering best in class messaging, advanced analytics and business intelligence products. This suite of third party products, integrated into the Effikacy platform,  allows Scyllogis, working closely with its insurance customers, to select the right module according to their digital needs.

Find out more about Effikacy’s core and modular components below: