“Predictive analytics is key to making better decisions, avoiding risks, and creating differentiated, more individualised customer experiences” – Gartner.

According to Wikipedia, analytics is “the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.  Where the real story with analytics lies, however, is in what you can do with it. Think in terms of possibilities. Opportunities. Discoveries. Made possible by technological advancements in analytics that were never even dreamed of not so very long ago.

Determining root causes of failures, issues and defects in near-real time.  Recalculating entire risk portfolios in minutes.  Detecting fraudulent behaviour before it affects your organization.

In partnership with SAS Analytics, Scyllogis have built an intuitive, versatile insurance analytics framework. The power to analyse, forecast and optimize  business processes. Making better decisions based on facts, rather than instinct. Our analytics solutions delivers powerful analytic capabilities that can help  with your most pressing issues and challenges.  Challenges that include:

  • Actuarial analysis and rate making. Create more competitive pricing models by using multivariate statistical techniques to increase rating granularity.
  • Claims analytics. Reduce loss ratios and lower loss-adjustment expenses by apply analytics across the entire claims process.
  • Distribution optimization. Get analytical insight into the predictive factors that maximize the performance of your multichannel distribution strategy.

Discover new opportunities. Solve more complex problems. Share insights.

  • Data Mining
  • Forecasting
  • Optimisation and Simulation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Text Analytics
Data Mining
  • Produce faster results and improve data governance.
  • Credit Scoring – Build, validate and deploy credit risk models.
  • Streamline the data mining process to create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models based on large volumes of data
  • Quickly and easily build and retrain hundreds of predictive models across multiple segments, then automatically pick the best model for each segment.
  • Quickly analyse big data to derive more accurate insights and make timely business decisions.
  • Create, validate, manage, deploy, monitor and procedurise your analytical models.
  • Simplify, improve and accelerate the predictive modelling life cycle.
  • Automate model-scoring processes within the database to improve model scoring performance and get faster results.
  • Create and modify predictive models faster than ever using a visual interface and in-memory processing.
  • Model, forecast and simulate business processes using econometric capabilities, time series analysis and time series forecasting.
  • Produce large numbers of forecasts quickly and automatically to improve planning and decisions.
  • Automatically generate forecasts to help you plan more efficiently and effectively.
  • Plan confidently with automatically generated, reliable forecasts.
Optimization & Simulation
  • Optimize business processes and address challenges with enhanced operations research methods.
  • Build models that mimic complex, real-life systems so you can better understand and optimize them using discrete event simulation.
Statistical Analysis
  • Access, manipulate, analyse and present information with a comprehensive analytical tool set that combines statistical analysis, reporting and high-impact visuals.
  • Model, forecast and simulate business processes using econometric capabilities, time series analysis and time series forecasting.
  • Apply advanced statistics to huge volumes of data using all available processing power.
  • Get interactive matrix programming and exploratory data analysis, with integration to R.
    in-memory statistics for Hadoop
  • Find insights in big data with a single environment that moves you quickly through each phase of the analytical life cycle.
  • Get the power to support quality improvement across the entire organization.
  • Take advantage of extensive statistical capabilities to meet the data analysis needs of your entire organization.
  • Get advanced data analysis, graphics and reporting with interaction
  • Create and modify predictive models faster than ever using a visual interface and in-memory processing.
Text Analytics
  • Combine machine learning with subject-matter expertise so you can make sense of all your text data.
  • Quickly discover categories and themes in huge volumes of unstructured data.
  • Extend subject-matter expertise by defining semantic relationships to consistently and systematically link text repositories together within a managed environment.
  • Use statistical learning and advanced linguistic methods to understand constituents’ opinions.
  • Discover topics and patterns within entire document collections by mining unstructured data sources using supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised techniques