“The quality of the insights to be gained from analytics depend on the breadth and quality of the data being used…”

Data quality isn’t a nice-to-have when it comes to running your business. It’s a must. It isn’t something you do just once. It’s a process.  Scyllogis, are able to help you at every stage, making it easy to profile and identify problems, preview data and set up repeatable processes to maintain a high level of data quality.  We will help you to achieve better, cleaner data, regardless of volume, and help you  to create a culture where data quality is valued. Our data quality solutions, in partnership with SAS,  support traditional and emerging Hadoop, Impala and big data initiatives, with limitless scalability, and because we’ve partnered with SAS you know you’re getting the best technology on the market,.built on decades of data quality experience.

Because of our background, Scyllogis are able to deliver data quality knowledge, we’ve experienced it all , and integrated our market experience with SAS data quality technology.

We will help you:

Improve data quality where your data resides – there’s no need to extract or move data to clean it. Instead, we can profile, standardize, monitor and verify your data where it exists. The benefit? A significantly faster, more secure process.

Establish unprecedented levels of data quality to support business processes. A recent report found that up to 40 percent of business initiatives fail due to data quality. Therefore when it comes to performing tasks – from managing big data to preparing for analytics,  metadata management, visualization and reporting keeps everyone on the same page, meaning more work gets done.

Manage your entire data quality life cycle. With data constantly flowing in and out of your business, we help you establish repeatable processes so you can build and maintain high-quality data – you need to trust the data driving your organization.

Up to 40% of all strategic processes fail because of poor data quality, let Scyllogis help you join the 60%.

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