“Advanced data transformation for risk free implementation of EDI and XML Standards”

Scyllogis are extremely pleased to have partnered with Pilotfish Technology, in order to bring Effikacy ei data transformation suite, consisting of Effikacy eiConsole, Effikacy ei Platform, Effikacy eiPortal and Effikacy eiDashboard  to the market.  The ability to transform any source of inbound data to ACORD format allows all the benefits delivered by Effikacy’s data integration module to be realised with trading partners who are unable to send ACORD formats..

Effikacy eiConsole is an integrated development environment for the creation, deployment, management, maintenance and sharing of interfaces. It allows users to configure interfaces end-to-end, upload and download interfaces to and from the PIE (“App Store” for Interfaces), validate and certify transactions and promote interfaces to production on Effikacy  eiPlatform runtime.

The proven assembly line streamlines interface creation through a unique methodology and feature set. It facilitates consistent, high-quality interfaces capable of supportiData Transformationng any integration scenario. Each interface is constructed from a sequence of stages – all graphically configurable and extensible.

The console includes a vast array of components to handle virtually every common communication protocol, parsing,transformation or manipulation task, from A to Z. All are graphically configured with virtually no coding requirements. If users cannot find a component that exactly meets their needs, they may create their own.

Effikacy eiPlatform is a high performance, secure, runtime complement to Effikacy eiConsole.  Interfaces developed in the console can be deployed to production on the eiPlatform with a few mouse-clicks where they will run in unattended mode.

Effikacy eiPortal is a cloud-based solution that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized initial and ongoing insurance information exchange. The portal links to a web repository for implementation guides, sample message formats, sample data and the exchange partner’s contact information. A fully automated testing facility is provided to allow validation of information exchanges before going live.

Users of Effikacy eiConsole can download pre-configured interfaces directly , make minor changes as needed, test them and deploy them to production on Effikacy eiPlatform in a fraction of the time previously possible.

Effikacy eiDashboard is an optional application component that monitors the performance of Effikacy eiPlatform and provides a wealth of Business Intelligence information.

Key Features

Effikacy eiSuite leverages the following features:

  • On-line tutorials with step-by-step instructions for building and testing a sample ACORD XML interface.
  • Templates for all ACORD transactions, saving thousands of hours that would be spent reviewing
    implementation guides and custom defining transactions.
  • Benefit from the same powerful validation engine used by ACORD’s Testing and Certification facility.
    This component enables validation against not only the ACORD schema, but against implementation or
    transaction-specific business rules.
  • A library of XML binding components for converting between XML and most other data representations,
    including COBOL copybooks, flat files, spreadsheets and delimited formats. Insurance-specific formats
    such as ACORD, EDI and AL3 enjoy explicit support.
  • An intuitive graphical Data Mapper that provides a “point, click, drag and drop” means for mapping and
    transforming data between any two logical formats.
  • Support for the ACORD Web Services Profile (AWSP) and related web services security standards (W3C WSS), including XML Digital Signatures.
  • Direct support for ACORD’s Plug and Play.

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