“Self-service, ad hoc visual data discovery and exploration enable immediate insights within everyone’s reach…”

No matter the size of your organization – or your data – our data visualisation solutions, brought to you in conjunction with SAS,  enable you to explore your  data quickly and easily. You can look at more options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and make more precise decisions faster than ever before. Users of all skills levels can conduct fast, thorough explorations on all available data, forecast the future, experiment with different scenarios, analyse text data, discover the best options and make more precise decisions, all with no coding required.

Get fast answers to your toughest questions:

Whether you’re a business user with limited technical skills, a statistician or a data scientist, powerful analytics are at your fingertips, with no coding required. Sophisticated analytics, including decision trees, network diagrams, on-the-fly forecasting and scenario analysis, have been seamlessly integrated with ease-of-use features such as autocharting, “what does it mean” pop-ups, and drag-and-drop capabilities. Anyone can understand and benefit from complex data.

Create and share meaningful insights:

By quickly designing reports that are attractive, interactive and meaningful, then distribute them via the Web, Microsoft applications or mobile devices. You can even create reports that enable recipients to slice and dice the information however they need to, using filters and drill-through capabilities to further explore data on their own. .

Mobile Business Intelligence:

Immediate insights, wherever you may be. Mobile business intelligence capabilities enable senior executives and decision makers to easily access and explore dashboards and reports from their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere, and with mobile tethering, you can explore reports even when there’s no Internet connectivity.

Right-size your analytics discovery environment:

Our solutions provide the ultimate in deployment flexibility, whether you prefer to deploy them on-site using your own hardware (single or distributed environment), in your own private cloud, or a public cloud such as Amazon , we offer options that are sure to fit your organizational needs.

Get value from Twitter and other text data:

More than 400 million tweets are sent each day, wouldn’t it be great to know what’s being said about your company or products? Applying text analysis to Twitter streams, to customer comments in call logs or any other text data can provide quick insights into the trends of the day. Analytics applied behind the scenes determine which words are used most frequently so you can determine what topics are most important and warrant further exploration.

Our solutions deliver self-service capabilities on an enterprise wide level that empower everyone to visually explore and analyse large volumes of data,  simultaneously, giving users across multiple departments or lines of business an unprecedented way to discover new insights and solve complex problems faster than ever.

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