“As the need for digital transformation services increase, deep industry expertise as well as analytics skills will become increasingly in demand.”

Digital transformation is  not just about IT and technology, rather, the realignment of business models which can present the greatest challenge. There are three key drivers : changing consumer demand, changing technology and changing competition. These, of course, are an ecosystem and it is always a convergence of factors that brings about changes in a market.

Digital Transformation therefore represents a diverse set of activities – everything from modernizing a back office legacy application to designing a new customer engagement model to be delivered via a mobile app with many disparate services in between. As such, Scyllogis focus on providing outcomes rather than on the  individual underlying technologies.

Scyllogis have been consulting on a wide range of projects across the digital transformation spectrum since 2001.  We work in collaboration with our customers to ensure we deliver solutions that  provide digital transformation outcomes, moving them away from the physical tasks and underlying processes.

Far from focusing purely on the technical aspects of their digital transformation programmes, we also engage on the critical realignment of their business models.  Our consultants are voices of encouragement. They are there to support our customers as they go through an evolutionary journey of implementing new systems, new processes, new strategies and making what are often significant changes to the way they work.

Our digital transformation consulting services will help you succeed in the face of increasing change led by the acceptance of digital technology.

“Evolving strategy, activating people and leadership that create robust business models equipped for a more digital future….”