“Data is the lifeblood, the glue, the bricks, and the gold of the modern enterprise.”

Enterprise data lifecycle management (aka Data management)  is defined as the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures in order to manage the information lifecycle needs of an enterprise in an effective manner.

Enterprise data lifecycle management encompasses the evolution of information reporting through business intelligence to truly predictive analytics.  In order to remain competitive and operate efficiently, companies need to understand where they have been and what happened faster than ever. They also need to analyze exponentially increasing amounts of data to identify patterns and trends that will allow them to better meet customer demands and grow.

Scyllogis view this data lifecycle evolution holistically with technology, people and processes clearly in mind. We have the business experience and domain expertise to help architect and build a future state roadmap for your future data lifecycle through our analytics solutions. We can help to deliver the key insights you need faster in order to manage your business better in the data age.

Scyllogis offer a proven consulting methodology to help accelerate our clients’ successful move to data lifecycle management and analytics from a true business-centric perspective.

Our Approach

We have developed a complete and unique data lifecycle methodology, an umbrella data architecture strategy that combines business process, data processes, people, and applied technologies to manage and improve the lifecycle of data across the enterprisel.

Business Aligned

We focus on your enterprise business objectives and initiatives. Data is an enterprise asset and the data management strategies we build enable business process optimization, significant cost efficiencies, and greater reporting integrity. Scyllogis supply the frameworks, and experience to deliver a custom strategy that supports your unique organizational and considerations in both the immediate and long-term horizons.


Our framework expands beyond data governance and outlines the critical alignment between IT and business stakeholders related to data architecture, standards, governance, quality and change management.


Ourmodel is to work with our clients to introduce templates and reusable frameworks that leverage the organization’s existing strengths, to work within the unique institutionalized boundaries that are core to the organization’s culture, and to develop a pragmatic, achievable roadmap that maximizes early wins, and builds on operational success to gain the buy-in for further roadmap implementations. With this in mind, we provide a holistic data-centric approach to optimizing our client’s business processes and helping them achieve their business goals.

Out data management consultants know how to get the best from your organisation’s data management ecosystem. They conduct an analysis to gain a sound understanding of your business and, with their expertise and knowledge of the latest and emerging digital technologies and its capabilities, can recommend the right solution for you.

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