“To succeed, data migrations must be given the attention they deserve, rather than simply being considered part of a larger underlying project….”

Data Migration Is A Complex Process.

It’s fraught with opportunities for failure, some small, some massive. So it’s understandable if you’re a bit concerned about your upcoming data migration. After all, data migration can be a risky business.

But a data migration should be considered a strategic weapon and should be high on the agenda of a programme and project management.  It is a necessary step in going from where you are to where you want to be. And putting it off will only make the migration more complex in the long run, and stifle growth in the interim.

If uncertainty exists with capabilities to deliver  a data migration programme, we are well positioned to provide expert advice and support to ensure the programme gets off to the right start and remains on track.

During our time we have acquired a comprehensive understanding of data migration programmes and the importance they play within a business. WIth this experience we are able to deliver Data Migration services in the following three critical stages of data migration

  • Legacy data transformation Services
  • Legacy data validation & loading services into target systems
  • Data reconciliation services

The risks of Data Migration are real

Many companies have experienced significant setbacks from poorly executed data migrations. The business downtime alone can be quite costly – particularly when it exceeds expectations.

And there’s a list of potential pitfalls to worry about, including:

  • Problems from failing to properly validate and test the data migration process
  • Trusting the migration to internal employees that lack expertise and experience
  • Relying upon out-of-the-box migration tools that aren’t adequate for critical and complex migrations
  • Budget overruns resulting from an unrealistic or incomplete migration plan

No company is better positioned to eliminate those risks than Scyllogis

Though the risks associated with data migration are real, nobody understands the risks better than Scyllogis do, and nobody is better positioned to eliminate those risks.  Data migration, after all, is a complex process. It requires absolute focus. It demands the expertise of a specialist. Why risk settling for anything less?

We can help take the fear out of data migration. Talk to us to find out more.