“If you are to stay competitive and grow, your company needs to leverage its data – including the data locked in complex files, documents, and messages. For this reason,  data transformation is essential.”

Data Transformation – what does it mean?

Data transformation is the process of converting data or information from one format to another, usually from the format of a source system into the required format of a new destination system.

In real practice, data transformation involves reading the data’s original base content, and determining the format into which the data that must be converted for it to be usable by the new system, and then proceeds to transform that data.

Data Transformation involves two key phases:

  • Data Mapping: The assignment of elements from the source base or system toward the destination to capture all transformations that occur. This is made more complicated when there are complex transformations like many-to-one or one-to-many rules for transformation.
  • Code Generation: The creation of the actual transformation program. The resulting data map specification is used to create an executable program to run on computer systems.
Effikacy's data transformation eiC console

Effikacy’s data transformation suite, powered by Pilotfish,  allows any-to-any transformations between different data formats. It includes complex data functions such as string, maths, and conditional operations as well as DB and XML file look-up. Mapping rules can be applied from multiple sources to multiple targets irrespective of their data format. So, data can be aggregated from multiple sources. Content can also be distributed to multiple destinations automatically. Simulation ability allows verification before deployment. Effikacy provides functionality to do all this easily and without any need for coding.

XML-to-XML Mapping
Database-to-XML Mapping
EDI-to-XML Mapping
Web Service Data-to-XML Mapping
Flat File to XML Mapping
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