Structured and unstructured data capture

SDC has been offered as a solution to reducing the costs of data entry by converting the Market Reform Contract into an ACORD Global Placing Message by use of OCR technology and as such is based on a paper based rendition of the MRC.

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TOM, Ruschlikon and ACORD reach agreement to continue working together

Scyllogis fully supports the agreement recently reached by leading strategic partners in the London market Target Operating Model (TOM), Ruschlikon and ACORD  to continue working together to create and implement message standards that will make it easier to do business with the London market, supporting Lloyd’s Vision 2025. The joint…

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How important is TOM?

The London Matters report defined a market facing challenges that need to be urgently addressed; put another way we are facing some threats, but it also highlighted the fact that other markets were just as bad, which gives us the opportunity to leap-frog other markets rather than merely keeping up with them.

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