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Insurers Look More Like Google Every Day

Not too long ago, the vision of a digital insurance company was one that extended services and offerings over web-based channels that offered 24/7 customer service to augment and add some intelligence to existing product sets.

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Top 10 Impacts of Emerging Tech on Insurance

Insurance is not insulated from the rise of new technologies improving the connectivity between business and customer — and customers with each other. Strategy Meets Action partners Karen Furtado and Mark Breading take a look at the future of insurance in their latest report, “The Top 10 Ways Emerging Tech Will Transform Insurance.”

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6 Insurance Blockchain Applications to Check Out

Investments in blockchain-related start-ups across industries have grown to more than $800 million , according to McKinsey – and the insurance industry is taking note. In the consultancy’s “Blockchain in insurance – opportunity or threat?” study released this week, McKinsey takes a look at several blockchain use cases, and identifies some of the companies leading the way in bringing this technology to insurance.

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