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Blockchain – a distraction we don’t need?

The B3I consortium of insurers continues to invest in blockchain technology and there was a public presentation at the Monte Carlo Rendezvous on Sunday. I didn’t attend, only getting to MC on Monday, but spoke to people who did. The verdict? Not generally impressed. Why? Technology didn’t work, but we…

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TOM, Ruschlikon and ACORD reach agreement to continue working together

Scyllogis fully supports the agreement recently reached by leading strategic partners in the London market Target Operating Model (TOM), Ruschlikon and ACORD  to continue working together to create and implement message standards that will make it easier to do business with the London market, supporting Lloyd’s Vision 2025. The joint…

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The Last Mile is the Hardest Mile

A friend who works in logistics explained to me that when delivering a package the hardest part is from the final courier depot to the recipient, in the industry they call this the final mile. The process, starting with collection from the sender through the various depots, is already honed…

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