“There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.”

A specialist digital transformation consultant for the global reinsurance and large commercial insurance market (GRLC), Scyllogis was founded in 2001 and is the brainchild of Colin Whickman and Sarah Abbott. Both with long careers in software and application development, because of Colin’s specific experience it was inevitable the insurance sector would become the company’s main focus.

The strong relationships Colin had built during his time at firms such as Xchanging and Rebus, and his expertise acquired through implementing systems (most notably GENIUS) meant Scyllogis was quickly in demand in the London market and beyond.

Sarah’s experience in sectors more advanced in their adoption of technology – including pharmaceuticals and banking – offered important insight into the direction the insurance industry was likely to move in next.

Our unique focus is the insurance market….

Scyllogis has always had digital innovation and technology at its core, but from the start our team of consultants were challenged to focus on a holistic view of their customers’ strategic growth requirements and market challenges.  Their success and reputation has been built on working collaboratively with both (re)insurers and brokers, understanding the challenges they face from changing consumer demand, changing technology and changing competition.

Whether Solvency II compliance, rationalisation of global entities or drive to become a fully digital enterprise, our solutions are tailored to fit the customer and their specific needs in an ever-changing environment.

Over the past few years, Scyllogis have expanded to offer products in addition to consultancy. It was the development of their flagship application Effikacy, and growing demand for similar solutions from our customers that made this the natural route to go down.

 We consult digital, We coach digital, We create digital

What has not changed however is Scyllogis’ approach.  Sarah and Colin remain at the heart of the company’s operations as they steer their team on our customers’ bespoke digital projects,  to provide the inspiration, thought leadership, tools, and frameworks with which to act, supporting each step of the process.

To find out why Scyllogis are so well placed to help you with your digital objectives, please contact us to discuss your digital future might look like.