“The insurance company of the future will have operations, services and product bundles that target specific customer segments”

Complete digital transformation

Driving efficiency, effectiveness and business growth are top business priorities for insurance companies today. However, inconsistent customer experience across channels and products, and a high degree of complexity in business processes and systems prevent insurers from achieving these goals. Transitioning to a digital enterprise can help insurers develop new business models to address the disruptive changes occurring in the economic, social and technology environments and drive profitability and growth.

Scyllogis Consulting combines comprehensive consultancy with product development, sophisticated tools, techniques and methodologies, which enables our focus on transforming our customers to become digital, helping our clients achieve increased efficiency and productivity along the way.

We achieve this through implementing our core capabilities which consist of::

Although your business may have already invested in one or more of these capabilities; there is an interdependence on all of them if you are to maximise the benefits offered by digitisation.

As ACORD members our solutions utilise ACORD message standards wherever possible, with particular focus on the concepts required to participate in  market modernization initiatives, such as Ruschlikon and TOM.

Smarter digital strategies

Increasing regulatory and risk management requirements force the industry to explore new ways to achieve operational excellence. Disruptive changes in the economic, political and technology environments are collectively impelling the industry to innovate. Digitization, as an avenue, enables insurers to equip themselves to face the future — transforming into a digital insurer calls for an innovative approach.

With an holistic understanding of our customers’ businesses, the ongoing engagement of our team, on our customers’ global digital programmes ensures deep domain knowledge, as well as an instinctive understanding of the digital changes required to best drive rapid growth and create new customer value and a measurable impact for your business.

This marks out Scyllogis as a uniquely capable and valuable enterprise partner.

Digital innovation

As thought leaders, our team works tirelessly to ensure that we stay ahead of the issues and concerns affecting the market, closely monitoring the technology advances and emerging concepts that reinforce the relentless growth of digital innovations, and specifically, how these advances in technologies can be applied to alleviate key market challenges.

We use the same collaborative and flexible approach with all of our customers, but then tailor our methods to their specific needs in order to ensure the  most successful outcome.  Our aim?   Instill complete confidence  with our proven experience and methods to deliver their digital objectives, whilst they retain focus on their core business.

Need more information? Please contact us, we are are always  happy to answer any questions and provide additional information about our products and services.